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Jewel is the perfect kite for beginners who are new to flying “stringless” kites. Similar to the bigger ‘Pro III’ kite, the flight characteristics is still docile enough for newer pilots, while still agile enough to keep even a veteran kite pilot on their toes. Small enough to be flown in the park yet fast enough to raise the pulse, the Jewel is the perfect grab and fly model, good looking, easily transported, easy to assemble, and robust, the Jewel is a great bargain!

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If you’re a beginner or have no RC flight experienced but you want to have feel of flying an RC kite, this is the kite for you! It is specially created for beginners in mind.
It has excellent crash durability which will make you enjoy the art of flying our kites.

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Cutie is the first kite with attached LED lighted wings. You can fly Cutie with the wing to make it look bigger and grander. Even though it has a wide wind-span, Cutie is still able to perform amazing stunts and maneuver like the rest of our kites.
It can also fly without rudder to challenge your skill.

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The Delight is designed to be more unstable like a fighter plane and lightweight. It is designed to be crash-resistant, making it a great kite for intermediate flyer. The Delight is able to perform high-speed racing.

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Pro 3

The orginal third generation RC kite created by in 2003.
Pro 3 is a highly versatile flying all-rounder kite. It has a large surface area but is ultra light thus creating more lift, making it very easy to handle while at the same time able to perform all aerobatic stunts demanded by advance pilots.


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