The “Classic” rank – an esteemed distinction bestowed upon pilots who have demonstrated mastery of the basic fundamentals of radio-controlled kite flying.The Classic rank recognizes individuals who have honed their skills, embodying the essence of precision, control, and safety in their aerial endeavors.

To attain the Classic rank, pilots must exhibit proficiency in essential areas such as take off and landing techniques and basic maneuvers. These pilots have shown a deep understanding of the remote control unit’s functions and have honed their ability to maneuver their kites with finesse and grace.

By achieving the Classic rank, pilots showcase their dedication to the art of radio-controlled kite flying. They have taken the time to develop a solid foundation of skills, enabling them to navigate their kites confidently and responsibly in open spaces. Their commitment to safety and adherence to flying etiquette are evident in their every flight.


The “Bronze” rank – a prestigious accolade bestowed upon pilots who have demonstrated proficiency in performing stunning maneuvers, including inverted flying, with their radio-controlled kites. The Bronze rank represents a significant milestone in a pilot’s journey, showcasing their skill, creativity, and mastery of advanced techniques.

To attain the Bronze rank, pilots must exhibit a high level of control, precision, and confidence in executing various aerial stunts. This includes mastering inverted flight, where the kite flies upside down, defying gravity and captivating onlookers with its daring performance.

Bronze rank pilots have dedicated considerable time and effort to perfecting their skills, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a radio-controlled kite. They have developed a deep understanding of the aerodynamics involved, enabling them to execute flips, rolls, spins, and other breathtaking maneuvers with finesse and grace.

These pilots are admired for their ability to choreograph intricate sequences of stunts, captivating audiences with their creativity and artistry in the skies. Their performances showcase the limitless possibilities of radio-controlled kite flying, inspiring others to push their own boundaries and explore new horizons.


The prestigious “Silver” rank – an esteemed distinction awarded to pilots who have not only mastered the art of performing stunning maneuvers on their radio-controlled kites but have also demonstrated exceptional skill and showmanship. Attaining the Silver rank opens the door to an exciting opportunity to become part of our elite performing team, showcasing your talent at various events and captivating audiences worldwide.

Silver rank pilots have displayed an unparalleled level of expertise and creativity in executing a wide range of advanced stunts and maneuvers with their kites. Their performances are a harmonious blend of precision, control, and artistry, leaving spectators in awe of their mastery in the skies.

With their keen understanding of the aerodynamics and mechanics involved, Silver rank pilots effortlessly perform intricate flips, rolls, spins, dives, and other breathtaking maneuvers. They have honed their skills through dedicated practice, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in radio-controlled kite flying and setting new standards of excellence.

Being part of our performing team offers Silver rank pilots a remarkable opportunity to share their passion and talent with audiences at various events. From festivals and air shows to exhibitions and special occasions, they become ambassadors of the sport, captivating and inspiring people with their awe-inspiring performances.

As part of the performing team, Silver rank pilots have the privilege of collaborating with fellow skilled aviators, exchanging ideas, and creating breathtaking choreographed routines. Together, they bring the skies to life with synchronized stunts and mesmerizing displays, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who witnesses their artistry.


Master the art of hovering your GFK RC kite™ and move on to drills for challenging flight obstacles involving pylon flying.


Attain the master level of flying through more complex flight obstacles, touch-and-go and hovering flying styles. Pass this level and you are on your way to being a GFK instructor!