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Jewel is the perfect kite for beginners who are new to flying “stringless” kites. The flight characteristics are docile enough for newer pilots, while still agile enough to keep even a veteran kite pilot on their toes. Small enough to be flown in the park yet fast enough to raise the pulse, the Jewel is the perfect grab and fly model, good looking, easily transported, easy to assemble, and robust, the Jewel is a great bargain!

Training package

 Training Price (SGD)
1 session (1 hr) $60 (U.P $80)
7 sessions (1 free Jewel Kite) $420 (U.P. $780)

Complete 7 training sessions with us and receive a full set of Jewel Kite FREE!
Simply contact us & quote “JEWELPROMO” to reserve your training slot.
Contact: +65 8444 0009 / +65 9844 0009.  While training packages last!

JEWEL Kite worth $360